Specialists Programs

Sandringham East offers highly valued specialist programs in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Physical Education and LOTE (Mandarin), each with teachers who are passionate about their curriculum specialties.

Health and Physical Education

The Physical Education program at SEP is a targeted approach to skill; game strategy development, movement sequencing; strength and agility development through a wide variety of physical activities.

Foundation:  In their first year, we place particular focus on spatial awareness, moving safely, balance work, ball skills, game play, having fun and sportsmanship.  Students are introduced to minor games with; without equipment and rules to allow them to understand fair play.

Levels 1 & 2: These levels focus on concepts such as spatial awareness, sportsmanship, moving safely, understanding; forming rules for fair play. Students will participate in explicit teaching of fundamental movement skills and develop their skills through minor; modified games. Through these level, students develop their ball handling, balance and running skills along with activities that develop their personal and interpersonal abilities.

Levels 3 & 4: Students in these levels are involved in ball handling skills, working to develop skills for minor games and concepts such as sportsmanship, fair play and having fun. They have the opportunity to create minor games and develop rules in order to advance their abilities. Running skills, core and balance work are engrained into their lessons as they lay a strong foundation for further skill development. Level 4’s will have the opportunity to participate in the Swimming Carnival, Athletics and Cross Country events.

Levels 5 & 6: In the senior years, the focus is on taking previous skills into major games. Where needed, there is explicit teaching of fundamental movement skills, but particular focus is placed on teaching game strategies that can be utilized across various games and sports. Running games, core strength and balance work are engrained into lessons to help develop further skills, good posture and overall health. Students at this level participate in district interschool sports program during winter and summer seasons. Winter sports offered are T’Ball, AFL, Soccer, Hockey and Netball. Summer sports being Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Cricket, Oztag and Netball. Level 5 and 6 students have the opportunity to participate in the Swimming Carnival, Athletics and Cross Country Events.

LOTE (Mandarin)

Students are introduced to Mandarin with a focus on communicating in Mandarin and developing an understanding of the language as well as knowledge of the country, Chinese people and their culture.  The students listen to, and begin to speak in Mandarin and respond to greetings, simple questions and instructions through play, games, songs and actions. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are developed. Students learn to recognise and write simple Hànzì characters.

Students learn about China as a country, investigating topics such as famous places, festivals, traditions and pop culture.  Every year a ‘Dragon Boat Festival’ week is held where students can participate in various Chinese cultural activities including craft, cooking and traditional children’s games.


LOTE (Japanese Saturday College)

Japanese Saturday College

2015 Japanese Saturday College Opening

Japanese Saturday College is available at Sandringham East every Saturday and offers 21 classes with 310 plus students.

The school proudly supports this partnership with mutual benefits to both Sandy East and the Japanese Saturday College.

Please Visit their website for more information.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program at Sandy East gives our students the chance to explore a wide range of performance disciplines, including: Theatre, Song, Music, Dance, Circus and Puppetry.  More than just developing performance skills, Performing Arts at SEPS provides a safe space for our students to express themselves creatively and build up their confidence.  Our students aren’t just performers; they are writers, directors, composers, choreographers, improvisers, designers and devisors.  Most of all they are storytellers, from the classical canon to their own contemporary creations, our students use all the performance tools at their disposal to share stories with their audiences.  All this work culminates in a biennial whole-school production.

Visual Arts

Our Visual Art Program focuses on developing meaningful relationships with students, immersing them in creativity, wonderings and thinking processes, as well as exploring emotions and feelings.

The program engages students through choice, connections, investigations, working with preferred learning styles, differentiated tasks, open-ended experiences and questioning.

Each week different art zones are set up such as painting, drawing, collage, construction, 3D modelling and light exploration. Students have the opportunity to choose experiences and use their own ideas to explore and investigate materials. Specific art skills and techniques are also explicitly taught so a balanced program is delivered. This approach compliments Walker Learning, and uses inspirations from the Reggio Emilia Educational Project.



Students have multiple opportunities to use their ‘voice’ to contribute to the design and development of the art program and environment, including displaying their work. We encourage sustainability through using recycled products and natural materials.

We showcase art through connecting with community events and enjoy celebrating student artworks with families in our biannual Artsfest.

At SEPS art time is full of imagination, success and fun!